Undefeated : A Biblical Perspective on Suffering

Undefeated : A Biblical Perspective on Suffering


Calling All Fighters! With suffering such a present and pervasive reality of our world, it is easy to understand why so many struggle to embrace the prospect of victorious living. Since time immemorial, pain has pressed into every fold of society's fabric, leaving its distinct mark on people of every nation, tribe and tongue. For most, they find it difficult to reconcile these scars of sorrow with a loving God. As a result, some will prematurely dismiss their Creator with angry censure, while others mistakenly concede that their wounds are merely signs of personal defeat. Yet, there is a better way, a more perfect way, the only right way to view our adversity. To see ourselves as victorious requires that we see humanity's great battle with affliction through the eyes of the Victor - Jesus Christ. We must step into the cosmic arena and learn to fight like God's chosen Gladiator. When we identify with the Suffering Servant, we discover a power unlike any other! Moreover, as we learn the feel of His gloves, memorize the syncopation of His steps, and begin to understand the wisdom of His wounds, our knowledge about suffering is radically transformed and we are able to stand alongside the Undisputed Champion of all time with the assurance that we, too, are undefeated! This book is a training manual for the good fight of faith. Step into these pages and find an honest appraisal of Scripture's teaching about suffering; and dare to discover your Redeemer's purpose behind every pain and your potential triumph in every tear. Please hurry to your seat! The first bell is about to sound!

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