Live! You Didn't Die!

Live! You Didn't Die!


Live! You Didn't Die! speaks of the ravaged life of a child born from an unwanted pregnancy. In the pages of this book, you will follow this child as she struggles with multiple rejections throughout her life. Finally, as an adult, the woman's life is forever changed after she experiences the unconditional love and acceptance of her heavenly Father. Every chapter begins with a powerful account of the child facing rejection of a specific type at certain stage in her life. Each real-life story is followed by a teaching from the Word of God that sets the stage for the readers to apply the convicting truth of Scripture and receive their own healing. Live! You Didn't Die! addresses real issues that women face and is a useful tool for healing the hurting soul. Having personally experienced the delivering power of God as graphically detailed in this book gives the author credibility that women can relate to and a persuasiveness that encourage them to move forward in God. Live! You Didn't Die! is unique in that it utilizes compelling testimonies from numerous developmental stages in life and couples these with convicting truth that engages the readers and allows them to initiate their own deliverance, healing and restoration. Live! You Didn't Die! is a teaching tool that will benefit God's children everywhere. The author is very passionate about bringing healing, deliverance, and restoration to God's children. Her teaching style is transparent and empathetic. Her life's goal is to help as many people as possible rise above their circumstances to fulfill their God-ordained destinies. Live! You Didn't Die! is for the person who has had experiences that they felt could have destroyed them.

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