Color In and Out of the Garden: Watercolor Practices for Painters, Gardeners, and Nature Lovers

Color In and Out of the Garden: Watercolor Practices for Painters, Gardeners, and Nature Lovers


Deepen your love of the garden with Lorene Edwards Forkner's inspirational advice on gardening, mindfulness, and life-plus easy instructions for capturing favorite botanical colors with a few simple brushstrokes If you love flowers and the rich hues of the garden, Color In and Out of the Garden is for you. Author and garden expert Lorene Edwards Forkner shares her gardening wisdom and life advice in this delightfully useful and addictively readable little book. Along the way, she also demonstrates quick and easy techniques for keeping a garden journal so you can record your favorite plants with just a few simple brushstrokes. Arranged by color, each chapter helps readers be in the moment, sharpen their powers of observation, and capture nature's most lovely hues. Plant profiles, practical advice, and personal reflections mingle with creative prompts for creating a simple watercolor that helps focus one's attention. Color symbolism, such as red representing energy, yellow for memory, and green for growth, is also explored. Illustrated with beautiful photographs, the book invites readers to slow down, look attentively, and to appreciate the world around them. Both a mindfulness exercise for seeing garden colors and an easy guide to reproducing them on the page, Color In and Out of the Garden is as satisfying to read as it is to use. Forkner guides readers through the spectrum with her own watercolors while offering color inspiration and a delightful garden respite from everyday stress.

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