Bevelations : Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie

Bevelations : Lessons from a Mutha, Auntie, Bestie


Bevy knows what's what, and she is the kind of woman you want in your corner. If you don't believe me . . . buy the book. --Whoopi Goldberg

Funny, wise, well-experienced, empathetic, colorful--Bevy brings the spirit of humanity wherever she goes. --Pharrell Williams

From the host of the fabulous and popular show Bevelations on SiriusXM's Radio Andy channel, Bevy Smith's irreverent and inspiring memoir about learning to live a big, authentic, and unapologetic life--and how you can, too

Bevy Smith was living what seemed like a glamorous dream as a fashion advertising executive, blazing a lucrative career for herself in the whitewashed magazine world. She jetsetted to Europe for fashion shows, dined and danced at every hot spot, and enjoyed a mighty roster of lovers.

So it came as quite a shock to Bevy when one day, after arriving at her luxury hotel in Milan, she collapsed on the Frette bedsheets and sobbed. Years of rolling with the in-crowd had taken its toll. Her satisfaction with work and life had hit rock bottom. But Bevy could not be defeated, and within minutes (okay, days) she grabbed a notepad and started realizing a truer path--one built on self-reflection and, ultimately, clarity. She figured out how to redirect her life toward meaningful creativity and freedom.

In her signature lively and infectious voice (there's no one like Bevy!), Bevelations candidly shares how she reclaimed her life's course and shows how we too can manifest our most bodacious dreams. From repossessing her bold childhood nature to becoming her own brand to envisioning her life's next great destination (which will feature natural hair, important charitable giving, and a midcentury house overlooking the Pacific Ocean), Bevy invites readers along on the route of her personal transformation to reveal how each of us can live our best lives with honesty, joy, and, when we're in the mood, a killer pair of shoes.

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