Downton Abbey - A Celebration : The Official Companion to All Six Seasons

Downton Abbey - A Celebration : The Official Companion to All Six Seasons


This perfect present allows fans to revisit the home and the lives of the family and staff of the Emmy Award-winning series--and now feature film--with Jessica Fellowes's Downton Abbey--A Celebration: The Official Companion to All Six Seasons.

Downton Abbey set a new standard, and it's probable that in 20 or 50 years critics will look back and say that this was period drama at its very best, often imitated but never bettered. --The Daily Mail

Since the moment we first entered Downton Abbey in 1912, we have been swept away by Julian Fellowes's evocative world of romance, intrigue, drama and tradition. Now, in 1925, as Downton Abbey prepares to close its doors for the final time, Jessica Fellowes leads us through the house and estate, reliving the iconic moments of the wonderfully aristocratic Crawley family and their servants as they navigate the emerging modern age.

Travelling from Great Hall to servants' hall, bedroom to boot room, we glimpse as we go Matthew and Isobel Crawley arriving for the first time, the death of Kemal Pamuk, Cora's tragic miscarriage, Edith's affair with Michael Gregson, Mary's new haircut, Thomas and O'Brien's scheming, Anna and Bates's troubles with the law, and Carson's marriage to Mrs Hughes.

Alongside are in-depth interviews with the cast, who have worked on the show for six years and know it so well, as well as a complete episode guide for the first five seasons and a teaser for the sixth. Packed full of stunning location shots and stills from all six seasons of the show including exclusive behind-the-scenes photography, this celebratory book is the ultimate gift for Downton Abbey fans the world over.

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