Women Who Venture : You Can't Be What You Can't See

Women Who Venture : You Can't Be What You Can't See


Order hardcover on www.womenwhoventure.com"[This] book tells the stories of venture capitalists who have very different sets of experiences and approaches - stories about how they shaped their careers and achieved their success. Page after page will give confidence to other women who want to work in venture capital. By the time they finish reading the book, I hope that they get the feeling of: 'If they could do it, I can do it too!'"Janet Bannister, General Partner, Real Ventures"The existing bias in venture capital is multidimensional, and implicates career challenges not only for women, but also for other underrepresented groups. Fixing the diversity problem in the industry will take a long time and require a continuous and steady pace of activities and changes. With Women Who Venture, Renata George is helping us all along that journey."Brad Feld, Co-Founder, TechStars"Books like this, which show not only seasoned female investors but also introduce new names, are critically important. I'm sure many of my colleagues and institutional investors will want to talk to some of the amazing women featured in this book, some of whom they haven't yet heard of or met."Rachel Lam, Founding Partner, Imagination Capital"This remarkable book provides important guidelines for women who want to work in venture capital and private equity. It is also a vital read for men seeking a place in the industry, and for those already working there, because it is a harbinger of what is coming to the business at an increasing pace, as women become vital to the venture capital world."Franklin 'Pitch' Johnson, Founder, Asset Management Co."We should shine a spotlight on the great work being done by as many female investors as possible - not just a small subset. There are plenty of smart, talented women investing from early stage through growth, in life sciences, consumer, enterprise tech, hardware, robotics - you name it! The more stories we tell, the less it will be an anomaly to see a woman in venture capital, and the more women will be inspired to pursue investing careers. [This] book is a great example of that work."Stephanie Palmeri, Partner, Uncork Capital"We need to approach the diversity issue in the venture capital and startup worlds the same way that Renata built her book: looking through all the verticals, making sure that first-time investors are involved as much as seasoned venture capitalists, considering all the geographies, ensuring that people of diverse ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences are included, and of course, inviting male counterparts to the conversation."Kimmy Paluch, Beta BoomThe book Women Who Venture features 99 women making investment decisions in venture capital around the world, a limited partner, and a founder of the initiative The Billion Dollar Fund for Women. Forget everything that you've heard before and read the real stories not manicured by the media, about women who achieved success in this male-dominated industry. They tell us how they worked hand in hand with men to get where they are; what it took them to become venture capitalists, and what the future will hold. There has never been a stronger collection of wisdom from women who are at the top of the venture capital world. Imagine watching several episodes of David Letterman's "My Next Guest" show with your favorite characters. Funny, controversial, always sharp and intelligent, they tell about their adventures, challenges, and lessons learned. Whether you agree or disagree with their personal beliefs and opinions, you won't stay indifferent to what they have to say.The author, Renata George, surveyed hundreds of people on social media to find out who their favorite women VCs were, whom she then interviewed to discuss their experience in the VC industry in a raw and honest manner. The book profiles women VCs of all generations: from the first female investors to the brand new names in the venture capital.

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