Global Procurement Leaders Handbook : Your Toolkit for Building and Maintaining a World-Class Procurement Function

Global Procurement Leaders Handbook : Your Toolkit for Building and Maintaining a World-Class Procurement Function


The Global Procurement Leader's Handbook is a practical application manual for procurement leaders of companies that do business worldwide. The book provides a detailed, step-by-step framework for building a world-class procurement function and achieving consistent and sustainable improvement. Combining feasible strategies, effective tools, and insights based on years of experience, the authors explain what it means to lead procurement with best practices; how to gain organizational commitment and engagement; how to be seen as a strategic leader in the organization and not merely as a support function; and specific ways to develop talent within the procurement function. The book begins with a comprehensive (and highly confidential) assessment of a company's readiness to embrace world-class procurement and whether the role of its procurement leader is positioned for success. In short, it helps you decide whether to accept this position if it is offered to you. Once you are in the functional leadership role, you and your leadership team are ready to develop a comprehensive plan for Procurement. The plan is addressed in three parts. B-Building Blocks of Functional Leadership: the requisite tools and techniques that every procurement leader must demonstrate U-Us: Our Relationships - Clarifying your values and ensuring effective communications. - Building trusted relationships with others in alignment with their unique needs and perceptions - Taking the pulse of the key constituents (stakeholders?) and embracing their input Y-You: Your Leadership of the Function - Assessing personal and organizational competence. - Assessing the quality of the work performed. - Designing new structures to support and enable new capabilities in an efficient way. - Ensuring the talent priorities are aligned with the future requirements. - Establishing your expectations of the procurement team and the organization.

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