The Hollywood Parents Guide : Your Roadmap to Pursuing Your Child's Dream

The Hollywood Parents Guide : Your Roadmap to Pursuing Your Child's Dream


Accurate, experience-tested information on every step needed to give your child the best possible opportunity to make it in Hollywood. Inspiration. Resources to help you on your own journey, and even help you decide if this dream is right for you and your family to pursue at all.My daughter Dove and I moved to Los Angeles from an island in Washington State when she was fourteen, armed only with her head shot, resume of community theater roles, and her dream. What I didn't know about what we were doing would fill a large book.Today, Dove is a grounded, successful young woman with her own show on the Disney Channel, and four films to her credit, as well as numerous other TV and music credits.We have been incredibly fortunate, and this book is my way of sharing what we've learned-and what some other parents of young stars have learned-in the hope that more families might save themselves some pain and precious time. Hollywood is filled with tragic stories of people who crashed on the edge of this dream. It doesn't have to be that way. I can help you navigate this world with your child.Features interviews with industry experts and the parents of other young Hollywood stars, including Olivia Holt, Luke Benward, Cameron Boyce, Ryan McCartan, Jordan Fisher, and more.Visit my website for updated resources and helpful information: http: //"If you have a child who is interested in getting into 'the business' THE HOLLYWOOD PARENTS GUIDE is an absolute MUST READ. Bonnie writes from the heart and the result is not only warm and funny, but full of useful information. Real stories from real parents of real kids working in the industry - tips and advice from casting directors, agents and other industry professionals. It's like arming yourself with a mini toolbox full of all the tools that you'll need to help guide you as you venture along this journey with your child. I should make it required reading for the parents of all of my clients! "Pamela Fisher Vice President Abrams Artists Agency - Head of Youth and Young Adult"From A to Z The Hollywood Parents Guide answers every question I have received as a Casting Director and more. If your child wants to be a professional actor, the first thing you need to realize is that acting is a business and as in any business, there are rules to help guide you. Bonnie Wallace has given parents a How to Guide that is a must read."Suzanne Goddard-SmytheCasting DirectorNominated for two Artios Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Casting"First let me say that The Hollywood Parents Guide is a fantastic book! Finally there is a guide to help parents steer their kids performing career. Thousands of parents have asked me for just such a book. There are a couple on the market already but they are written by agents or acting coaches. What parents have needed is a book written by one of them! And Bonnie has done a superb job writing it. The information is not only current but from the heart. If you have a little tyke that is driving you crazy to be on TV pick this one up!"Chambers Stevens, Author of the Hollywood 101 Series5-time winner of the Backstage Readers Choice Award"An absolute play by play of how to best help your young, budding artist become a healthy, fully-functioning Hollywood success. Not only is my mother an incredible writing talent, but she also possesses a true depth of experience in parenting a Hollywood hopeful. User-friendly and guided by an open, generous voice with first hand knowledge of the industry, this book is one I can truly call 'masterful'."Dove CameronActor and singerStar of Liv and Maddie, Disney Descendants, and Barely Lethal

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