Marrow of Flame : Poems of the Spiritual Journey (2nd ed.)

Marrow of Flame : Poems of the Spiritual Journey (2nd ed.)


This beloved collection of poetry by Dorothy Walters explores the spiritual journey through its ecstasies, struggles, and vistas. Each step is observed with the keen insight and clear voice of a modern woman who is both a skilled poet and genuine mystic.

Dorothy Walters's poems are immediate and inviting, transcendent and often playful. Many of these poems are in dialog, with Rumi and Rilke, Denise Levertov and Lalla, each poem contributing its own wisdom and humor to the ongoing conversation that passes between visionaries and sages through history and across cultures.

Marrow of Flame has already become a modern classic among spiritual seekers.

Now available in this updated and revised edition, with a new introduction by Andrew Harvey.

Praise for Marrow of Flame

"This re-issue of Dorothy Walters's mystical masterpiece Marrow of Flame is a great literary and spiritual event. I don't know of any other poet currently writing in English who expresses so simply and nobly and with such authority the ordeals, ecstasies and revelations of the path..."
ANDREW HARVEY from the Introduction

"What if there were a modern Rumi or Kabir, Dante Alighieri or John Donne writing of mystical longing, ecstasies and despair? What if she were a woman? What if she were Dorothy Walters weaving her passionate songs into a priceless prayer shawl? Beware: Who holds up this scarf is swept in the arms of the Lover on the path from which no one returns the same."
SOPHY BURNHAM, author, The Ecstatic Journey: Walking the Mystical Path in Everyday Life

"These poems make me gasp. I thought all the great mystics had been gone for centuries... Dorothy Walters--part buddha, part elf--weaves mythic literacy with subversive compassion."
MIRABAI STARR, author of Saint Teresa of Avila and God of Love

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