Grace-Based Parenting

Grace-Based Parenting


Discover a parenting style that nurtures a healthy family and displaces fear as a motivator for behavior. Learn how to meet your child's three driving inner needs for security, significance and strength with the invaluable gifts of love, purpose and hope.

Modern parents are stressed out and tired. They've tried countless parenting books on the market, many of which are harsh, fear-based books that loving parents instinctively reject. As Christians, we frequently believe that the battle for a child's heart and soul is fought on the outside with rigid rules and boundaries, when in fact the opposite is true.

Dr. Tim Kimmel, founder of Family Matters ministries, offers a timeless look at parenting. Rejecting rigidity and checklists that don't work, Dr. Kimmel recommends a parenting style that is the opposite, emphasizing the importance of communicating the unconditional love that Christ offers and affirming this timeless message of grace to one's family. In Grace-Based Parenting, you'll learn:

A parenting style that mirrors God's love, reflects His forgiveness, and displaces fear as a motivator
Why fear-based parenting is a guaranteed method to set children up for failure
How to provide a safe space for children to develop into functional adults with purpose, security, and inner strength

As we embrace the grace God offers, we begin to give it-creating a solid foundation for growing morally strong and spiritually motivated children. This revolutionary book presents a whole new way to nurture your family.

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