Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education

Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education


Understand the challenges faced by university based EAPs and the strategies to effectively meet needsand discover what works and what does not Academia is a diverse workplace unlike any other, and subsequently, employee assistance program (EAP) issues are unique. Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education focuses on the unique challenges of employee assistance service delivery in a university setting. This handy resource discusses the evolution, development, and strategies in managing an EAP in academia while comparing the substantial differences in program application between academic settings and corporate settings. Discussions include outsourcing, support groups, implementation of services, and effective model frameworks. Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education explores in depth how the difference of being an academic institution influences the administration of an EAP. Reducing costs, assessing the value of an EAP, faculty resistance to accessing EAPs, organizational and interpersonal problems, manager support groups to reduce stress, developing 'soft skills', and addressing the deaths of faculty, staff, and students are examined in detail. This unique resource is extensively referenced and includes tables to clearly present data. Topics in Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education include:

the evolution of the IAEAPE
university EAP response to traumas on campus
enhancing faculty access
university EAPs and outsourcing
creating a specialized EAP program
comparison between academic and corporate cultures
case study of the University of Saskatchewan EAP
and more!

Employee Assistance Programs in Higher Education is a comprehensive resource for academic administrators; benefit plan managers; university based EAP managers and directors; EAP, work/life, and wellness professionals; members of International Association of Employee Assistance Professionals in Education; Employee Assistance Professionals Association; Employee Assistance Society of North America; Association of Work Life Professionals; Society for Human Resource Management Schools of Social Work; educators in schools of social work, psychology, counseling education, and business.

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