My Father's Life - Second Edition: Volume 27 : Dad, I Want to Know Everything About You

My Father's Life - Second Edition: Volume 27 : Dad, I Want to Know Everything About You


Record your father's life story in this beautiful keepsake journal with 200 guided exercises and prompts that take him back through each stage of his life and its accompanying adventures.

Fathers are our steady and protective heroes, who, sometimes, become lost when it comes to sentimental celebrations of their importance in our lives. An encouraging voice in times of doubt, a wise teacher in times of uncertainty, a compassionate critic in times of honest feedback, and a silly jokester in times of frustration, a father's caring and nurturing presence shapes us throughout our lives.

In this second edition of My Father's Life featuring a new cover design, both thought-provoking and lighthearted writing prompts and guided exercises are organized into chapters based on your father's life stages to help him record his life's memoir. Beginning with early childhood, questions like Are there any stories about your birth that were told to you by your parents or other family members? followed by early adulthood prompts such as What is something that you felt very strongly about when you were in your twenties? and then concluding with questions about his wisdom he has learned and would like to share like What is the best piece of advice you were ever given and who gave it to you?, the My Father's Life journal jump starts the reflective writing process to open his mind to dig deeper into who he is, where he started, and, most importantly, what he has learned.

Complemented with poignant quotes about fathers throughout history, this beautifully designed journal will give your father everything he needs to record his life's experiences to not only shed light on the events that shaped him into the man he is today, but also to preserve his life's memories and stories for you and your family to learn from, become inspired by, and cherish for future generations.

With so much of our lives and contact going digital, the Creative Keepsakes journals offer an intimate way to nurture your connection with yourself and the people around you. An entertaining way to get off your screen, these guided and free-form journals are great for writers and artists alike. Each journal offers content around a different theme, including silly prompts for a laugh, random yet thoughtful questions, inspiration for art and composition, interactive prompts to learn about your heritage, and blank interiors on high-quality paper stock to use as your creative canvas. Beautifully designed and full of mindful prompts, channel your inspiration as you put pen (or pencil, or marker, or crayon!) to paper to learn more about yourself, your talents, and the people you love.

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