Go with the Flow Painting : Step-by-Step Techniques for Spontaneous Effects in Watercolor - Create Expressive Flowers, Animals, Food, and More

Go with the Flow Painting : Step-by-Step Techniques for Spontaneous Effects in Watercolor - Create Expressive Flowers, Animals, Food, and More


Learn how to create beautiful loose and expressive florals, still lifes, motifs, animals, modes of transport, and fruits and vegetables in vibrant watercolor with touches of pen and ink.

In Go with the Flow Painting, author Ohn Mar Win (Instagram: @ohn_mar_win) offers beginner-friendly techniques, tips, and step-by-step lessons that show how to get the most out of these mediums and paint confidently in this captivating style.

Discover a new visual language that renders subjects with soft edges and luminous color. Capture just enough detail to suggest familiar flowers, animals, and objects and allow your unique expression and style to flourish.

Begin with essential supplies and learn the key characteristics of loose watercolor. Practice basic techniques that lay the foundation for this style, such as working wet-on-wet, creating color gradients, layering, and creating shapes. Learn the best way to use brushes, and explore easy methods of working with pen and ink to add striking linework and details.

Step-by-step lessons show how to capture the essence of a subject without worrying about perfectly executing every detail. Learn how to paint captivating hot air balloons, tiger lilies, French macarons, a colorful chameleon, and more. Embracing this flowing approach to watercolor allows you to develop a freer style and create artwork that's alive and exciting, instead of overworked.

Go with the Flow Painting also features:

How to mix colors directly on paper to get unique and beautiful effects
Warm-up exercises to help get into a flow state of mind
Information on colors and color values, and how best to use them
Ideas and inspiration for creating cards, invitations, and more

Explore watercolor in a new way that will open up a new world of creativity.

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