Speed Read Mustang: Volume 4 : The History, Design and Culture Behind Ford's Original Pony Car

Speed Read Mustang: Volume 4 : The History, Design and Culture Behind Ford's Original Pony Car


Motorbooks' Speed Read series celebrates every aspect of the original pony car--the Ford Mustang--from the key people like Lee Iacocca and Carroll Shelby to the racing success to the cars themselves.

Get a full look at every iconic Mustang model, from the first car to bear the name that became the fastest selling car of all time, to the astounding 526-horsepower supercar Mustang produces today.

In sections divided by topic, you'll explore the design and launch of the first Mustang at the 1964 World's Fair; a history of every generation of Mustang; the various body styles, options, and accessories; a review of the performance models; a profile of Carroll Shelby and the Mustangs he designed; special editions, like the Sprint, ASC/McLaren, and police pursuit vehicles; and, of course, the Mustang's racing legacy.

Each section ends with a glossary of related terms, and informational sidebars provide fun facts, historical tidbits, and mini-bios of key people in Mustang history. Sleek illustrations showcase Mustangs in their many forms.

With Motorbooks' Speed Read series, become an instant expert in a range of fast-moving subjects, from Formula 1 racing to the Tour de France. Accessible language, compartmentalized sections, fact-filled sidebars, glossaries of key terms, and event timelines deliver quick access to insider knowledge. Their brightly colored covers, modern design, pop art-inspired illustrations, and handy size make them perfect on-the-go reads.

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