My Farming Life : Tales from a shepherdess on a remote Northumberland farm

My Farming Life : Tales from a shepherdess on a remote Northumberland farm



'A heartwarming tale of life on the land' Alan Titchmarsh

'There's love and loss, challenge and adversity, but above all it's warm, insightful and inspiring' Helen Skelton

'Will inspire any reader to look at the countryside - and all those who work there - with newfound appreciation' Jimmy Doherty

'Uplifting, charming and beautifully written' Adam Henson

Emma Gray was just twenty-three when she moved to an isolated farm in Northumberland, becoming Britain's youngest solo shepherdess. In the seasons that followed, Emma fell in love with its rolling fields, surrounding forest and sturdy farmhouse, tending her sheep and training her dogs - and even found romance.

But when Emma finds herself suddenly alone again, heartbroken and recovering from a serious accident, she wonders if her isolated existence is still such a sensible idea. Even if she recovers, how could she make a proper living on Fallowlees Farm?

In her heartwarming book, Emma tells the story of how she picked herself up and expanded her cattle herd, added more horses to her menagerie, and became one of the country's most successful breeders and trainers of Border Collies - unexpectedly discovering true love and lasting happiness along the way.

Written with warmth and humour, My Farming Life is a joyous celebration of nature and community, and a delight for anyone who's ever dreamed of living closer to the countryside.

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