Only 10s 2.0 : Confront Your To-Do List and Transform Your Life

Only 10s 2.0 : Confront Your To-Do List and Transform Your Life


"Your to-do list is the key to transforming everything."In this second edition, featuring almost 40 pages of new content, client stories, worksheets and endorsements from some of today's top transformational coaches, Mark J. Silverman reminds us of the power of 10s Celebrating the five year anniversary of Only 10swhich sold over 60,0000 copies, Only 10s 2.0 Goes deeper - invites you to consider the Why of your to-do list, and choose priorities that can change the direction of your life. Reminds - when we stop doing Only 10s, just start again. There is no destination. This trip doesn't end. There is only practice. Choice - the Only 10s system is NOT a time management course, though it has the benefits of improving the way you manage your time. It is about self-reflection and self-inquiry and empowering choice. Questions - using three "qualifiers", you can validate your 10s and stop being swayed by the 9.9s.Features of Only 10s 2.0Mark dishes out the truths that only his clients typically have access to in the new edition. In the new Introduction, Mark J. Silverman responds to the lies that he hears clients telling themselves, the stories that we all tell ourselves, and the worries that become excuses that keep us from managing our two most valuable resources: time and attention. Written as an engaging coaching conversations, the Ten Truths of Only 10s the most powerful lessons of Mark J. Silverman's one-on-one coaching and workshop facilitation during the years since the first edition was published, including these: We don't have a time management problem, we have an honesty problem. No one else put this on your plate; you're playing the victim to your time management choices. You're too busy because it feels easier than choosing what is important. You've been telling yourself you deserve a badge of honor because you're soooo busy. The Only 10s Way of Looking At Your List and Your Life How many weekends have you spent finally getting organized only to be back to your old ways in a week or less? Do you have neatly labeled files and lists because you are getting things done only to find you are just making more and longer lists? It's time to turn Potential into Reality! Fighting the distractions of every day life, technology and ADD to keep the funnel filled and the wins flowing for his multimillion dollar, award winning sales career, Mark J. Silverman tried every time management/productivity tool available, only to fall back on his instincts and last minute touch downs. Although wildly successful, the grind of keeping up took its toll on his health, time, and family. He knew there was a better way. Mark found clues in his successes: the end-of-quarter buzzer beater, training for a marathon, and in the training for a marathon, and in the single-minded sense of purpose he observed when engaged in some tasks but not others. Inspired by the flow of Alan Cohen's Relax Into Wealth and Steve Chandler's pragmatic and motivating Time Warrior, Mark J. Silverman takes us on an expedition beyond the realm of time management. Only 10s is not a tool or a system, it's a daily experiment you conduct in the laboratory of your daily life. Through simple trial and error you will:
- Feel more energy, productivity and freedom.
- Get your entire To-Do List done, every day.
- Learn why you get some things done and not others.
- Launch your awesome ideas from your head into the world.
- Do it all at your own pace and still have astounding results. If you're tired of rolling the ball up hill, constantly trying to catch up, or just want a little breathing room this might be the method that makes a differe

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