Raising Antiracist Kids : An age-by-age guide for parents of white children

Raising Antiracist Kids : An age-by-age guide for parents of white children


Do you avoid talking about race with your kids because you're afraid to say the wrong thing?

Or are you talking to your kids about racism and white privilege, but you don't know if you're doing it in an age appropriate way?

And just how can you move from talk to antiracist action with your kids?

Raising Antiracist Kids is a practical guide that equips parents to talk to white kids about race right now - whether they're toddlers or teens - and go beyond conversation into action.

The real-life stories, strategies, tips, and resources in Raising Antiracist Kids help parents:

★ respond to children's questions and comments about race with calm, compassion, and truthfulness.

★ mentor white kids into speaking up against stereotypes, exclusion, and racism

★ choose the right words to explain painful topics like systemic racism and white privilege

★ take antiracist action in ways that make sense to children

★ make brave choices for our families that challenge racism instead of contributing to it.

Designed with busy parents in mind, the book is organized by age groups, with concrete conversation and action tips, as well as step by step antiracist practices to try with your family. You'll find separate sections for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary age kids, and middle schoolers.

If you're ready to raise white kids to be antiracist, no matter their age or stage, Raising Antiracist Kids is right for you.

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