Airbrushing 101

Airbrushing 101


This is a complete "Intro to Airbrushing" course in a workbook form. A classroom in a book! There is only so much an airbrush can do - dots, lines, daggers, and shading. We introduce each skill in a logical and exciting way. In our book, each skill is cumulative, so grasping each technique is easier than tackling them out of order as you would if you were self taught and left to sift through a cluster of internet information that is not necessarily correct. Our method is successful, because we have taken the entire contents of an Intro to Airbrushing class, and made it into a workbook... yes a WORKBOOK! The skills are introduced in an interesting way, and each lesson has a corresponding workbook page that can be practiced over and over until you are proficient at each skill! There has never been anything like this before! With over 50 lessons, you will master each skill and work up to the four beautiful and challenging final projects. We cover all the basics that you need to know to get set up in airbrushing: types of airbrushes, compressors, paint, substrates, etc....even how to properly hold an airbrush and how to clean it. We are so thorough and innovative, we have earned the endorsement of Anest Iwata-Medea, Inc., the maker of the best, and our favorite, airbrushes! A course like this costs hundreds of dollars just for tuition if you were to attend a workshop. With travel and lodging, you can spend thousands of dollars for just ONE course. With this book, you get the same content but are free to take it at your own pace. This is an excellent way to introduce airbrushing into your skill set and develop a life-long passion and income source.

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