The Whole Brain Business Book, Second Edition: Unlocking the Power of Whole Brain Thinking in Organizations, Teams, and Individuals

The Whole Brain Business Book, Second Edition: Unlocking the Power of Whole Brain Thinking in Organizations, Teams, and Individuals



Now revised and updated with new applications and practical tools to better use your brain in business

If you think your business can't get any better, think again. Thanks to the power of Whole Brain (R) Thinking, you can apply what we know about thinking and the brain to transform your organization at every level. Whether you're struggling to keep up with a changing market, stuck with a tired business model, or challenged by difficult colleagues, the proven methods in this updated guide will help you to:

IDENTIFY how you and others prefer to thinkIMPROVE your communication skillsINSPIRE creative thinking in yourself and othersINNOVATE faster and work more efficientlyIMPLEMENT changes throughout your organizationINCREASE productivity and beat the competition
Every business runs on thinking. This book gives you practical tools to assess others' mindsets and get more intentional about how you use your thinking-and how to best engage the thinking of those around you. Filled with essential charts, engaging examples, exercises, and action steps, The Whole Brain Business Book shows you how to rethink your business, prepare for the future,realign your goals, and reinvigorate your team-by putting your whole brain to work.

This revised and expanded edition features the latest brain research, updated real-world examples, and more actionable content than ever before. In addition to new stories, data and "mind-hacks", you'll find Herrmann's timeless tips for getting unstuck, identifying the four thinking preferences, and applying research-based techniques that have been proven to work in any business environment around the world. By building and strengthening your thinking agility, you'll be able to work more effectively with others-and leverage the best thinking around-so you can avoid costly delays, missed opportunities, and other business risks. Using the book's point-by-point action steps, insightful case studies, and emerging thought trends, you can really put your mind to work-and get brilliant results.

The Whole Brain Business Book will help optimize your management approach, align your organization and strategy, and fully engage your own brain as well as the brains of others to work smarter, faster, and better than you ever thought possible.

Ned Herrmann pioneered the Whole Brain Thinking approach and is renowned for his bestselling books and research on thinking and its role in creativity, learning, and business.
Ann Herrmann-Nehdi is CEO of Herrmann International and an internationally recognized speaker, author, and thought leader on applying what we know about the brain to improve business performance.

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