The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality

The Essential Deming: Leadership Principles from the Father of Quality


The name W. Edwards Deming is synonymous with the most insightful views, ideas, and commentary on management and quality control. Referred to as "the high prophet of quality" by the New York Times, Deming was instrumental in the spectacular rise of Japanese industry after World War II and influenced many of the world's most innovative managers in the ensuing decades. His original ideas led directly to the creation of relationships with suppliers and a plethora of quality initiatives.

Now, with The Essential Deming, FordhamUniversity professor and Deming expert Joyce Orsini draws on a wealth of previously unavailable material to present the legendary thinker's most important management principles in one indispensable volume.

The book is filled with articles, papers, lectures, and notes touching on a wide range of topics, but which focus on Deming's overriding message: quality and operations are all about systems, not individual performance; the system has to be designed so that the worker can perform well.

The Essential Deming reveals Deming's unique insight about:

How poor management infects an entire organizationThe critical importance of management on producing quality products and servicesImproving management in any companyThe effective management of people--the manager's single most important taskHow to educate workers into critical thinkersWays to preserve statistical integrity while dealing with real-world problems

Fully authorized by the Deming estate and published in cooperation with The W. Edwards Deming Institute, The Essential Deming is the first book to distill Deming'slife's worth of thinking and writing into a single source. Orsini provides expert commentary throughout, delivering a powerful, practical guide to superior management. WithThe Essential Deming, you have the rationale, insight, and best practices you need to transform your organization.

"To move from the wilderness of news into the paths of history, we must distinguish true turning points from mistaken ones. W. Edwards Deming has seen the future and it works. He is a turning point of business history made flesh." -- U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT

"I engaged Dr. Deming to assist Ford in planning, developing, and implementing the plans to accomplish major improvement in the way people worked together and in the quality of our products. . . . Ford achieved major success in this effort, and I consider Ed Deming to have been a key element in our progress." -- DONALD E. PETERSEN, former Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Ford Motor Company

"It can be said of very few that they changed the way the world thinks, but Dr. Deming is among them. . . . The legacy of Dr. Deming's genius, already immense, grows even larger with this new collection of his thoughts." -- DONALD M. BERWICK , Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

"Toyota Motor Corporation was awarded a Deming Prize in 1965. This laid the foundations for the present growth of our company. I do believe the ideas and theories of Dr. Deming emphasizing the importance of quality control are very useful for people of all ages." -- TATSURO TOYODA, Senior Advisor, Toyota Motor Corporation

"Few rival W. Edwards Deming for impact on management in the twentieth century. Indeed, Deming and Drucker, to my mind, stand apart for the breadth and depth of their vision for management as a profession that truly might help realize the possibility of people workingtogether at their best. . . . The publication of this expansive edition of Deming in Deming's own words is a seminal event." -- PETER M. SENGE, MIT and the Society for Organizational Learning

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